Sunday, December 27, 2009

One CRAZY month!!

Well I am so sorry for how long it has been.  The last time I posted was the day I started this blog while in Italy with Joey.  There has been a lot of event over the past month, so I will probably make this several entries. 

I will give you the run down of the list of things since the day of the wedding:
1.  Went to Italy to spend 10 days with Joey.
2.  We spent 4 incredible days in one of the villages making of Cinque Terre; Corneglia.  It was our first Thanksgiving together and amazing.  We ate amazing food, drank local wine and champagne, explored the town while making friends with some locals, drank my weight in coffee, hiked to a neighboring town, went free climbing (quite the adventure), and shot some excellent photography.  It was an incredibly romantic trip. We hiked down to a rock beach and then lost the trail and had to free-climb back to the trail.
YAY me... I am so glad Joey loves to the same things!!
3. Upon my return to the states I finished my internship at Morris Avenue Intermediate School in Opelika, turned in all of my work for my Master's of Collaborative Special Education at Auburn, and moved back to Birmingham. That chain of events made for one exhausting week!
4. The week I left Italy begun the countdown of the time Joey and I will be apart.  I have received more support, kind words, and prayers than I ever imagined possible. God is good!
5. I started my new job in Mountain Brook City Schools the following Monday.  I am so excited about this adventure I am beginning.  The school, students, teachers, and administration are more than ideal.
6. Christmas holidays happened.  It has been an awesome month just very busy!

I promise to get better about updating this blog for my friends, family, and especially for you Joey. :)

***This picture was saying goodbye at the airport in Venice---I look rough!***