Monday, May 17, 2010

Lots going on and lots to look forward to :)

Well since my last post a lot has happened in my life and around the world.  I will go into greater detail when I have more time, but it has been a whirlwind for sure!

Olivia's 3rd birthday party came and went and was precious.

Shelby and Bella moved to Birmingham, and we had an awesome weekend moving them.
(Annelise, Christine, all of Shelbs' fam, and I helped move; while "Befany, Tim, and Jesse" kept Bella.  We even had Elise and baby Hazel come over to hang out.) It was great!

Kaitlin had her first bridal shower in Jackson.  Her wonderful friend, Lisa, through it for her and it was beautiful.

I helped my friend Louise paint her new house.  It is the cutest house ever, and I can't wait until Joey and I can buy one to fix up together. :)

Got a little pnuemonia :( so I did not get to see Emmylou graduate law school or go visit Sarah in Nashville.

And now I have 2 weeks left of the school year, until Katy's bachelorette weekend at the beach, and 3ish weeks until my husband comes home.

Life is good...