Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All the Snowdens together...

I had mentioned that the weekend we returned from Costa Rica we met up with the Snowdens in Atlanta.  The reason it was such a monumental occasion was because this dinner and breakfast the following day was the first time Michael and Joey had been together in OVER a year and a half.  It was also the first time the whole Snowden family and significant others had all been in one place together.  I didn't take any pictures with my camera because it was still in my luggage from the honeymoon and we met them arriving straight from the airport.  Michael's girlfriend, Nicole, was kind enough to send me the pictures so I could post them. 

It was such a special time for my sweet husband.  He has really ached to be around his family especially his brother, so I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbyes are Always Hard

Well yesterday was one of the hardest days I have experienced in a long time, maybe ever.  It was the day Joey's leave ended and I had to drive him to Atlanta to send him back to his guys.  I know this means deployment is over half way finished, but hugging and kissing the love of your life "goodbye" after 2 of the most incredible weeks in the history of weeks is almost unbearable.  My only assurance is that God is good and faithful and that Joey is serving a greater purpose.  I am so proud of my husband and all the men and women who sacrifice their family, friends, and sometimes lives to give us freedom.

We are almost there...

I love you Captain Joseph Benjamin Snowden.

A Night with Old Friends & Good Times

Upon our return from Costa Rica, my parents threw a bbq to celebrate Joey's service and time home.  (It was also an awesome day because instead of just recognizing Joey's service we got to recognize Edwin's service as well due to his recent tour in Iraq ending and permitting him to attend!)  Many of you know that Edwin is the reason Joey and met up that January night a year and a half ago, and that he is one of our best friends.  It also was a special occasion not only that almost all our friends and family got to be there for the bbq, but also that this was the first time Joey, Edwin, and I had been all together since "the night" in January 2009.  It seems that when you are in the military, you have to miss out (sometimes) on momentous occasions in your friends and families lives because of being stationed on opposite sides of the world or deployments during war time.  So to have Edwin, Michael B, my girlfriends (Annelise, Elise, and Shelby), and our families present was such a gift. 
**side note: i am sad to report i have no pictures of this event due to the fact we were all busy slip'n'sliding in the backyard or chillin' in a baby pool haha**

However, the following day was Michael B's 27th birthday so of course a celebratory dinner was in order.  There was a group of about 11 people and we all went to DoDiYo's @ SoHo in Homewood for dinner.  It was such an awesome dinner with drinks to follow at Jackson's.  the night was filled with laughter and memories.  It was so incredible to have such a great group of old friends together to celebrate a birthday, a friend returning on R&R, and a farewell to a friend before his move to Sicily. 

Here are a few pics....

Honeymoonin' in COSTA RICA!!

When Joey and I decided we wanted to do our honeymoon over mid-tour leave we knew we wanted somewhere with a slow pace, quiet, and with nothing to do except relax (unless we felt the need to go on adventures).  I looked around and did my research, but I kept coming back to the same idea and place...Costa Rica.  Our wedding planner (and special friend), Beverly, had told me about these private villas owned by investors in the Atlanta area.  The provide a chef, bartender/butler, and maid for 12 hours a day with all expenses included (food, drink, airport & excursion transportation, and cleaning services).  So thinking it was too good to be true I went to their website  Sure enough Beverly was right (as always)!! There are 6 different villas to choose from and one is smaller in size and specifically for saller groups INCLUDING HONEYMOONS.  The one selected for us was Villa Mariposa with 3 bedrooms, 3 and 1/2 bathrooms, fully-stocked kitchen/bar, a private figure 8 pool with waterfall, private hot tub, and the most gorgeous view of the Papagayo Bay, Pacific Ocean, and rain forest.  Needless to say Joey and I are in love with this villa and this area of Costa Rica.  We have already suggested to our friends and families how much fun it would be to go back as a larger group and stay in a larger villa for another vacation.  Here are some pictures of our trip including some excursions, beach time, relaxing on porch, and just all around enjoying eachother.

I can't wait to get to travel again like this with my incredible husband! I love you Joey!

Fun time with Family in Atlanta

On Day 2 of Joey's return we had visitors in Atlanta to welcome Joey home.  My parents, brother, and Memaw, as well as Tori (Joey's sister), Ella Grace & Olivia (Tori's daughters and our nieces), Vickie (Joey's mom), and Mike (Joey's Dad).  We got to visit with them in the lobby of the hotel and then walked to a Brewery/Pub down on Peachtree for lunch. My parents, brother, and Memaw had to get back to Birmingham after lunch; but we did get to eat dinner with the Snowdens that night.  Seeing his family made Joey so happy, and knowing that the following weekend he would be reunited with his brother Michael for the first time in over a year in a half made his WHOLE leave worthwhile.  I love seeing my boy happy and filled with joy! 

This was Joey's first time to meet our new niece Ella Grace.  To say he fell in love with her instantaneously is an understatement, but then again how could he not? I mean look at that sweet face!!

The next picture is of Joey and I at Livingston again having dinner the night before we left for Costa Rica.  This restaurant is the one in our hotel that we could not get enough of...incredible!!

Joey's Return for 2 Weeks!!

On the morning of Wednesday, June 9, 2010 my sweet husband returned to the good ol' US of A for his two week mid-tour leave.  I had arrived on Tuesday night and stayed with my sweet friend Kinsey where I did not sleep one wink due to my extreme excitement!  This meeting was the first time we had seen eachother in 6.5 months and almost 7 months from the day we got married in November.  To say we were ecstatic to see eachother was an understatement!! After I picked him up from the Atlanta airport I wisked him away to the historic Georgian Terrace hotel in midtown (it is across the street from the Fox Theater), where we enjoyed a "welcome home" brunch and stayed for 3 nights until we jetted to Costa Rica for our long-awaited honeymoon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update from May until today...

So there has been several things that have happened since my last post.  I know I always say I will get more regular about posting, but I get so busy I forget.  I apologize to my 6 followers :)  Towards the end of May, sweet Sarah called me and asked if I would be down for a roadtrip to Starkville to be her "and guest" to a friend's wedding.  Since I had to cancel my previously planned trip to Nashville to see her I was more than happy to go.  I, of course, being so very sentimental had to get a photo op of us in front of our old dorm where we were roomies...good times!

This obviously was slightly awkward since we were dressed up and alumni by 4+ years...oh well!
Then school ended for me on May 28th and literally at 2:30 pm I headed to my house to pack me, Anny, and Diana's things in my mom's Tahoe to head to Fort Morgan for my little seester's bacheloretty weekend!  (Side Note: Mama, Daddy, and Jared left that evening for a 9 day adventure in London and Paris!)

The weekend in Fort Morgan consisted of Katy and her oldest and closest friends from preschool until now...along with her 2 older sisters= me and Annelise!  They following pictures are from the lingerie brunch I threw her on Saturday morning and then the pictures of the bachelorette party before & at the Florabama :)

Above are all of Katy's friends from growing up in was so great that so many of them came!

Above is how the girls decided to get this "pimp" ready for the night out...blindfolded!

Oh how I love my little sister :) if you were there you know why we are pointing to the picture hahaha!

Again...if you were there you know why I make this face :) Love it!! Katie and Ellen are so crafty!!

Some additional life long friends Katy got to hang out with at the marvelous Florabama!

And last but not least the cop Katy made friends with while we were hanging out.  I can not recall any event in her life where she has not made friends with at LEAST one random person.  She is always making me laugh!

On Memorial Day we all packed up and returned home after an incredible weekend of fun with so many friends.  However, on June 3rd it was my turn to see one of my oldest friends!!!  Edwin returned to Birmingham for the first time in over a year.  He has been living in Guam since December 2007 and then was deployed to Iraq from October until early May.  He did not get to come to mine and Joey's wedding so getting to me my best bud has been something I have looked forward to for a long while.  So here are a few picks from his arrival and when me, Ed, and Michael went to catch up!

And now my next post will be all about JOEY BEING HOME!!!! T-minus 12 hours until he lands in Atlanta!  Tomorrow will be the first time we have seen eachother in almost 7 months...and we are going on our honeymoon!!! I can't wait to share our 2 weeks with you all.  God Bless!