Saturday, January 14, 2012

A busy holiday season...

Welcome back to the blogging world, me!  I feel like every time I add a few posts I end up going on a month or two hiatus.  I am really gonna try though to be better now.  Since I last updated Thanksgiving,the Ranger Ball, Christmas, and New Years have all come and gone.  We are now in 2012....crazy!!  I have decided to recap things quickly and with some pictures.

Wyatt at Thanksgiving :)  We were not there, but Katy sent me
this precious picture!!
Thanksgiving was very low key for Joey and I because we stayed home in Dahlonega.  He was on the schedule for work, so we went to the house of some friends and ate with their wonderful family and another couple.  We were so appreciative to be welcomed into their home and celebrate the holiday with them.  From Thanksgiving until New Year's things were non-stop at this household.  The following weekends Joey and I were in Birmingham for my dad's company Christmas party; in Helen, Ga for the 5th Ranger Battalion Ball at Unicoi State Park; in Birmingham again for a week split between both of our families; and then in Charleston, SC to ring in the New Year with one of my best friend's and her husband. It was a lot of miles but with so many awesome memories!!  I hope everyone else's holiday season was as awesome as ours.
Our Christmas decorations in our den :)

At Ross Bridge Conference Center, Spa, & Resort for my dad's company Christmas party.

At the 5th Battalion Ranger Ball in Helen, Ga with Dani and Tiffany.

Wyatt "opening" up his first stocking with BeeBee!!
That is one proud uncle!
Looking rough in the morning right before we all had to leave :(  I miss them!

Christmas at the Ferguson house was held 12/21-12/24.  We had three nights with my parents, brother, Katy, Brad, and Wyatt.  It was awesome to be around for Wyatt's first year I am sure will be a lot more exciting for him though!
My niece, Olivia, and I at the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Shades Mountain Baptist.  Christmas Eve started our stay at the Snowden's house for three nights also.  (this picture is the only one I have.sad.)

Below are our pictures from hanging out with Brad & Ashleigh in Charleston for New Year's weekend!
New Year's Eve with my bestie!

Eating brunch @ The Landing on New Year's Day.

Beautiful Charleston!

The Hunger Games? Most Definitely!!

Have you read any new books lately? No, Yes, don't really read often??  Well you need to go out right now and buy the Hunger Games Trilogy or order it on Kindle/Nook or whatever it is the way you read books.  These books are amazing!  Do not get me wrong, they are no Catcher and the Rye or Wuthering Heights, but they are an intense and solid read.

 If you know me, you know I read A LOT!  I come from a family that appreciates a good book (or hundreds of them), so I really do not recommend novels unless I truly enjoy them or find something worthwhile in the message.  My plug for these 3 books is the following: adventuresome, intense, filled with description, takes a closer look at the human condition and human beings' need for survival, captivating, thought & emotion provoking, and full of parallels to today's society which is filled with such unrest.

If you are expecting something which is challenging these books are not your books.  They are easy to read and for all purposes intended for a young adult audience.  However, they are not ridiculously filled with teen angst or trivial drama.  I believe the reason the books appeal to people of an older generation is due to the way the trilogy's themes are not limited to one age group.  So go read them!!!

A favorite Christmas Gift...

My sweet hubs decided to get me an Erin Condren planner for Christmas. And I was ecstatic!! I had seen them on one of my sister's best friend's blog. Ellen ( had posted the site for these planners a few months back, and I fell in love! I ended up buying one for my sister as well because if you know us...we love to be organized and write things down. Joey surprised me with a collage of special pictures for the cover of mine as I did for Katy. Now I can keep everything super organized and neat!

Below is a really fuzzy pic of the cover I made for my sister. She and Brad just welcomed my first, only, and most perfect nephew into the world in November. That being said I knew a planner for the new mommy where she could see pics of the little man all the time would be perfect! I'm pretty sure she loves it!

If you have never checked out the site for Erin Condren you do not know what you are missing!


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