Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ella Grace is almost here....

If you did not already know that my sister-in-law, Tori, is about to have baby I am telling you now :)  She and Rush already have one precious little girl, Olivia who is almost 3. 
I met Olivia in May.  This picture is one of the first times I met her.  She is a mess!! I love her.  On this up-coming Wednesday Olivia will be a big sister to Ella Grace Letson.  I am so excited to be able to take the day off and be there.  It will be a time for family and celebration.  I am on picture duty for the hubs.  He absolutely adores Olivia and wishes more than anything he could be here for the birth of his newest niece. 

I wanted to post a few pictures of our niece, Olivia, with family because come Wednesday it will be Olivia and Ella Grace: sisters :)

The Month of January...

Well January has officially come and gone now.  It started out incredibly awesome with New Years.  Emmylou (or Emmy or Lou as I like to call her) came to spend 4 days with me and Jared.  My parents were gone to Atlanta and Nashville to have some fun so the three of us hung out.  We went to Elise's one night and hung out with her, Alex, Cameron (her brother), and his friend Tyler.  Of course the most important person there was Hazel...the sweetest baby ever born.
She basically slept and smiled the whole time we were there.

On MLK weekend I got to go to New Orleans for Casey's Bachelorette party.  One, I am not in 18 anymore so the constant "Bourbon Street" thing is pretty hard for this old lady.  Two, I do not get to see Casey enough.  We went to grad school together for a year and half and made a religion out of front lawn talks, Monday night dance parties, and walking around Auburn.  I am SOOO ready for her wedding at the Naval Academy chapel on March the 20th. 
Oh...and on our last day we went to eat at Brennans for brunch.  It was amazing!  Their famous bananas' foster is pretty much my choice of dessert now.  The funny thing was...I made the reservation for us and they had little a little place card on the table with my new married name on it.  It is still very strange to see it or hear it.  It makes me happy...ha!