Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book of the Moment

I am headed to Michigan for a few days and will be reading the newest novel by Steve Martin. I absolutely love all of his non-fiction, novels, and screen plays. He is an incredible writer as well as being a legendary comedian, actor, and Grammy-winning musician. I highly recommend his written work!

- Kristin-

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Monday, August 8, 2011

New Projects

I am super excited to have a few new projects for the house. I am refinishing my parents' old bedroom furniture and an extremely nice gold/brass mirror given to me by my grandmother. The bedroom suit includes three, large, solid cherry pieces in great condition. The wood and the hardware are just not my style, so I am going to update (or change) everything. It will probably end up being a several week project since I have to strip, sand, paint, sand, glaze, etc... each piece as well as pick out new hardware and install; but I am so very excited! The mirror will not take very long once I decide the color of antiquing liquid or glaze I am going to use. The mirror is a very large, sturdy piece that hung above my grandmother's dining room buffet. I love the size and design but have nothing to match the bright yellow gold color. I am just going to tone it down with a more vintage-aged look.

Here is the before pictures of the furniture with after pictures to follow soon I hope!!

- Kristin-

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Friday, August 5, 2011

The U.S. Government...Blah.

To say I am disgusted with our government is the kindest statement I can think to write.  As everyone (who is not living under a rock) knows we passed an initiative this week to raise the debt ceiling for our country. While I am happy something was decided so the military (my family included) could receive our paychecks this month, I am angered at the decision made.  How did our government become so irresponsible??!?  

If someone told me all private citizens could ask and receive extensions on their credit line (create new debt to pay down payments on their existing debts) because they were in jeopardy of defaulting, I (along with the rest of the real world) would laugh in their face.  "Realistic" people or "professionals" would tell you it is not possible, it is incredibly irresponsible, it starts a cycle never to be broken, you lose credibility, it teaches people there are no consequences for poor decisions, and the list goes on and on!!  

We are supposedly the standard of living the common man dreams of when coming to America or living here their entire lives working for success, and yet we are not a "free" nation at all.   We are literally owned by other nations because we can not pay back the money we owe.  Our government is taking away the value of hard work by punishing those who work hard and giving hand outs (which we do not have the means to give) to those who do not.  They are blaming every other person, administration, event, etc they can to justify our economic crisis. And best of all they want to suspend military pay because of the debt crisis, but require those men and women to be defending our country, other countries, our cause, or someone else's.

Bottom line:   I am ready for someone to run for office and not concerned with the thought of being re-elected.  I am ready for someone who is more concerned with getting it right than looking the right way in the eyes of unions, lobbying groups, those who fund campaigns, and political parties.  I want someone who pays attention to the people of this country not the crooked politicians "representing" them who actually vote according to what they receive under the table.  And I am ready for someone who stops blaming every other person in the world for a situation we face and takes action.

I do not care if you are white, black, yellow, purple, man, or woman.  I just want someone who can say what they mean and mean what they say.

Can we just wipe out the US government and start again? please.