Friday, January 21, 2011

Sully & Boo

Boo & Sully (A Pixar Film)
As I posted before we adopted a kitty about 3 weeks ago.  We named him Sully.  We named him after the the precious monster (James P. Sullivan aka Sully) from Monsters, Inc.  We did this because we love this movie, the little girl calls him "kitty", and he is very chill and good-natured.  Little did we know we would acquire a new kitty of the same age (a girl though) on Wednesday.  A good friend of mine called while we were snowboarding in Germany to tell me she knew somebody who had a kitty for adoption...TAHDAH! When we got this cat we immediately saw how wild and sweet she was...wild being the opposite of Sully! We decided it would only be appropriate to name her: Boo!  So now we have Sully & Boo!

They are not exactly interacting to a full extent yet, but Sully was "fixed" the day Joey brought Boo home.  I think they are going to need some time to get used to eachother. Wish us luck! :)

Boo (Left) and Sully (Right)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catching Up...

So I know my last 2 posts were slightly out-of-order in the "catching-up" story of my life, but please forgive me.  I want to share what life in Italy has been for me since I arrived on October 20th and since Joey returned on November 22nd, so I will post pictures in the following post.  Before I start the pictures of life in Italy I want to share some pictures of the weeks before I left Birmingham.  

At the end of August I went to Nashville to celebrate my roommate from college, "sister," and one of my 2 very best friends' birthdays...Annelise!  (I call her Anny)  Several of her Nashville friends, her boyfriend Brian, Melissa, and I all had a super fun dinner on Saturday night and then danced the night away in a reserved room at a pretty interesting club.  It was a lot of fun!  On Sunday after lounging the day away we indulged by going to eat our most favorite & worst enemy food: mexican. Ha!  Then we went to the Bridgestone Arena to see Ray LaMontagne & David Gray in concert.  It was my present to Anny, but who am I kidding it was also a present for me!  We both LOVE Ray and David, and we have been listening to them since day 1 of college!  It was an amazing show with incredible tickets!!  Another bonus to the awesome weekend was getting to see one of my closest friends and most favorite people, the lovely Sarah. I am so blessed to have amazing friends!  Here are a few pictures from this weekend!


 A few weeks before I was to move to Italy my wonderful GROUP of best friend's from college threw me a going away party at the lovely Elise's house.  I have never felt so loved.  Almost every single one of the women I cherish came into town to spend time with me.  It was so much fun!

 Having my girls all come together to see me was so special, and it was topped off by the fact that Casey flew into Birmingham to spend 2 nights with my family and attend  an art show the weekend before I left.  I miss everyone so much and can't wait to see everyone again soon!  I will end this post with some pictures of the art show, my last night at home, and some hugs from my sweet nieces.  Ciao!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy 28th Anniversary!!

Today is the 28th anniversary of my incredible parents: Tim & Bethany Ferguson!  I have been blessed with the most fun, supportive, challenging, and loving parents anyone could ask for in their life.  I admire them more than any two people on this planet!  They have shown my sister, brother, and I what is required in a lasting and loving marriage, how to achieve lasting friendships, and what it takes to be a respected and great parent.

So here is to you mama and daddy...Happy Anniversary and I wish you even better ones to come :)  I love you both so very much!

 I am so lucky!  I love my family so much!

We are THRILLED to announce...

Joey and I are thrilled to announce we have expanded our family by one more! A baby you say?! No, even better...A KITTY! haha

He was born in late September, so he is about 4 months old.  I know, I know...he is HUGE!  I am so excited we found him.  It has been quite tiring!  Joey had given me a collar and little toys in my stocking to symbolize that we would be getting a kitten, and I was beside myself.  We both want to have dogs so very badly however, the timing for us right now is not right.  The flat we live in is in downtown Vicenza and not really accommodating to anything larger than a cat, and for all of you who know me a small dog is not even an option.  Small dogs creep me out!  So being that the 2 cats living with my parents (Simon & Bruce Wayne) are very cool and like to play we decided to get a male cat.  

We thought finding one in Italy would be no problem since they roam around everywhere and the pet stores sell JAPANESE CHIPMUNKS!!!??  We were wrong.  After trying every pet store in the province, every ad, and every shelter we had given up.  Then Monday morning a lady from Verona called with a 3.5-4 month old kitten she was giving away.  She lives way out in the wine country and has about 25 judgement.  We hopped in the car and an hour later we had Sully!

He is still quite afraid but slowly warming up to us.  He is very gentle, loves to be brushed, and loves sleeping under 2 blankets (one is my baby blanket...I had to give it up sometime I guess) with his monkey!  HA!  Side note: He hates to get baths.  

All in all Joey and I are so excited about our new edition!  We are off to the vet today for vaccines and a microchip.  Merry Christmas to us!