Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lately....blessings and a change!

So it has been about 2 weeks I think since I have updated the blog, and a lot has happened.  Well first we had the big auction at schools where the kids bid on teachers and the prize the teacher has come up for the kids.  Two of the most awesome 5th graders in the world got their moms to bid on me and we had a date night.  I had the honor of taking these girls to dinner at Kobe (Japanese Hibachi) and then dessert at Yogurt Mountain.  It was so fun!  I forget about how important everything is in 5th grade..."so and so likes me," "I cant believe my mom wants me to wear dresses," "why are boys so mean?" etc etc etc.  It was fun to be 11 again!

Then Shelby and Bella came to stay and of course we know that is one of my favorite things in life!  I know Shelby probably thinks my mama and I are insane since we always have presents, cookies, and chocolate milk for B...but OH WELL!!!  I love to spoil her and it was just one more way to convince them that moving to Bham was the right move :)  That being is official- Shelby took a job at St. Vincent's hospital and they are moving at the end of April to Birmingham!!!! Woohoo!  I truly believe that the Lord opens doors and closes others for a reason and this move will be an AWESOME blessing to Shelbs and B!

The week before spring break started (last week) I had the chance to spend the night with a friend, Michelle, and her 2 boys!  We had such a great time hanging out!  Michelle has become such a blessing to me.  She and all the girls I work with at my school have become a huge part of my life and I am BEYOND thankful!

I also got a hair style/color change!! (I'll post a pic at the bottom of the post!)

And finally...  I started spring break by going to Charlotte to stay with my "sister" Amanda and her husband Andrew!  I just love these two so much.  They took me to the most wonderful tapas restaurant called, Sole, and it really was amazing!  I got to watch basketball, get a pedicure, go to church, and just relax with Amanda.  We do not get to see eachother all the time since they live there, so this weekend was so wonderful!  Another amazing couple of people the Lord has blessed me with!!

I know Joey worries about me while he is gone so I write and share these happenings in hopes he is reassured of the amazing people and things that are surrounding me.  (I kinda laugh to myself about his worry since I am just living my everyday life and he is the one making the dangerous just seems backwards) 

**Here is the new hair***

My next adventure is Casey and Allen's wedding in Annapolis that I leave for tomorrow...stay tuned!!!