Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ETSY has become more than an 'itsy bitsy' problem....

  I don't know if everyone in the world knows about the best website ever to have been developed, but I have to spread the gospel if you have not.  This site is INCREDIBLE, and it is called Etsy (  I have known about for a couple years now but became more intrigued as my friends started to launch their businesses on it and we bought a house.  For those of you who are unsure of what the website is let me explain.  It is a site where ANYONE can buy and sell their handmade products or vintage finds.  And when I say products and finds I mean everything from clothing, baby bedding to baby accessories, to home decor, to iron workings, to ornate or modern or unfinished or refinished furniture, antiques, art work, and the list goes on and on.  

So basically I am telling you this website is a MUST for anyone who is sick of mass produced finds from companies that over charge for products with sub-par merchandise.  Check it out because among the  thousands of vendors and hundreds of thousands of products there is something for everyone!!  Just ask my sweet Joey... I have a wish list of furniture and home decor a mile long :)

Here are a few pics of things I bought yesterday....

The above chocolate brown & cream distressed frame and the hand carved and painted sign are from Memphis, Tn by a shop on Etsy called 'roundthebendshop'.
The hanging art piece made from an antique window and the window panel with bamboo inserts are made by Suzanne Penland who is found on Etsy under the shop name 'sspenland'.

 This set of painted and distressed frames is from Decatur, AL on Etsy under the shop name of 'dewdropdaisies'.

 This handmade, distressed trunk (which will be used at the end of our bed) was made by Zach DuBois of Elkhart, In,  His shop can be found on Etsy under the name 'thebarnwoodshop'.  He makes some amazing things and this is not his full time job.  I love reading about the people who use this website as a business medium because you find out that a majority of these people make their products because they genuinely love the craft.  How much better can it be than to do what you love, provide a product made of your hard work and sweat, and make a little money because of your talent?!  I think it is awesome!!

Good luck on your journey to discover truly gifted people on this wonderful website!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Additions to our Family :)

Ruby & Hemingway aka Hemi
Before moving back home to the states you might know we adopted to kitties, Boo & Sully.  We absolutely love them and couldn't ask for better pet companions, but we always knew we wanted to dogs as well.  Joey has been talking about and begging for a Rhodesian Ridgeback since as long as I can remember and I wanted a Wheaton Terrier, Golden Retriever, or something along those lines.  Well who am I kidding?  If you take me to a shelter, the pound, a pet store I will want to bring all the animals home with me no matter the breed.  Sure enough on May 14th Joey said "why don't we go look at the puppies at the humane society since it is right up the street." Haha the joke was on him!!  That was the day we adopted Ruby our border collie/pit bull terrier mix.  She is precious, energetic, smart, and loves to get into T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!  She was nine weeks when we adopted her and is now going on 20 weeks...obedience school starts SOON!

I did not think we would be getting our second dog until the late fall because Joey had been in contact with breeders from Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.  However, he was so persistent in his search for a Rhodesian that we found a breeder in Rome, Ga (less than 2 hours away) that would be ready to sell the litter of 11 (WOW!) on June 11th.  So we got on the list, packed up our car, and headed to Rome to pick up sweet Hemingway aka Hemi.  He was so young and teeny but perfect for us.  Ruby and Hemi are the best of friends, while the cats are still pretty ticked at us for moving, de-clawing them, and bringing 2 puppies home (we can't please everyone!).  

It has been quite a ride being in a new place, new house, and with 4 animals (2 of which are babies); but so fun.  And yes I am well aware my dogs are going to be huge and my house is a petting zoo!  Oh well!!

The day we brought Ruby home from the Lumpkin County Humane Society (5/14/2011).
She was 9 lbs and now she is 29 lbs just two months later.
Playing dress up on the couch at 11 weeks old.
This picture is of Hemi at 5.5 weeks old taken buy the breeder family!
Introducing Hemi to Ruby the moment we brought him home from Rome, Ga.
Already loving each other the very first day the met!
For a few weeks Hemi did nothing but eat and sleep...soooo tired!
Brought Hemi home from Rome, Ga on 06/11/2011 at 7 weeks old.
He was 14 lbs that day and as of Friday, 7/15/2011, he was already 30lbs.
We love our puppies!!        

Back to the States & HOMEOWNERS!!

The first time we saw our house in person! :)

 I had posted a while back that we were in the process of buying a new home and were hoping and praying everything would go through without a hitch.  Well good did!  We are now homeowners in the state of Georgia! (The Snowden Family 1st House established March 31, 2011)  However, I will say that buying and closing on a house from another continent is quite the ordeal.  If you do not have a family who is completely married to details and perfection: DO NOT DO IT!  I have a mom & dad who were willing to drive to Dahlonega to look at listing after listing, making endless notes, take pictures, and work with builders & realtors asking the questions we would have no idea to ask to make this dream a reality.  They are pretty amazing! 

Let's just say that signing on a house, packing up a life in Italy, Joey switching jobs, moving internationally, buying a new car, waiting for Joey's truck to arrive in the states along with all of our possessions (5 weeks after moving), and moving into a new home is a lot to do in one month.  From mid-April to the end of May was a wee bit busy to say the least. haha!  Here are a few pics of our new house that we call home!  We have a million projects to finish (decorating the 2nd floor and our bedroom, landscaping a yard, etc... but we have time and it is exciting!!) Enjoy!
The day we moved all of our wedding gifts and our things stored at our parents' houses  in Birmingham to Dahlonega!
Planting confederate jasmine and honeysuckle on our trellises. 
I had to put a slipcover on our new couch due to having 4 animals :(
(The above picture is a view into the dining area pre-slipcover)
Downstairs half/guest bathroom.
Master bathroom
Welcome to my kitchen where for the first time since we got married (1yr & 1/2) I have my everyday dishes and fine china! 


Joey's Parents Excursion in Italy!

Waiting for Vickie & Mike to arrive
in Venice!

It has been about another month since I have posted...I get so side-tracked!  But here are some pictures from when Joey's sweet parents came to visit us in Italy to travel and to witness his Change of Command ceremony.  We had the best time with them and were so honored they would fly across the world to visit us!  We love you guys so much!

Joey's Hail & Farewell @ the Butler's house.

Gretchen went with us on our MWR trip to Volterra and San Gilmingano (spelling is definitely wrong here) in Tuscany.  I just love her!
We love her & her sweet husband soooo much!

Tuscany: there is NOTHING as beautiful!   

Surprise pic from the hubs at lunch in Volterra! (He knows how much I love these boooo!)
On a bridge in Verona.

Joey's Change of Command Ceremony
I am so proud of my amazing husband.  God has blessed us beyond belief!
It meant so much to Joey that his Mom and Dad could be in Italy to see him turn over his first command!