Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday OLIVIA!!!

Yesterday, April 11th 2010 was mine and Joey's niece's 3rd birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl!!  Her birthday party will be this coming weekend so I will update with pictures :)
We LOVE our niece!

The first day I met this beautiful little girl :)

My Sister is getting MARRIED!!

So when I was updating the blog with all the big events happening in my life I forgot the MOST important one of all....MY BABY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!!  She and Brad got engaged on March 3, 2010 in Madison.  After a romantic dinner at Ruth Chris, Brad proposed at the house he is in the process of buying to be their first house.  This is so exciting and amazing.  The big day is August 28, 2010 @ 7:00 pm.  I am so honored to be her matron-of-honor!  Katy and I are so lucky to have grown -up to become eachother's best friends.  Here is a picture of when they first started dating and 2 pics I borrowed from Greg Hawkin's of Studio G's website.

So happy together!

You two are such a gorgeous couple!

My beautiful sister!

This picture was taken at my wedding.  It shows all three of the couples: me & Joey, Katy & Brad, and mama and daddy. :)

A Naval Wedding...

So I promised to update with pictures of the Breslin-Murphy nuptials and here I go!  First of all the wedding was insanely beautiful.  It was in Annapolis, MD at the Naval Academy Chapel.  The chapel is a historical monument in our amazing country and to marry there is such a HUGE deal.  Secondly, the good Lord blessed this weekend with the most amazing weather.  It was 75 degrees, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky.  Casey and Allen had all of their friends and family there to support the day that starts their life was incredible.  I can NOT wait to go back to Annapolis...and hopefully I will have a sailboat of some sort to be on in the harbor.  I can totally see why Edwin and all the Navy guys love the area :)  SIDE NOTE: the priest who officiated the ceremony was West Point's chaplain (woohoo Go ARMY!!).  So here some pictures from the weekend. 
This is maid-of-honor whom I love, Catie Breslin, and me.

This is pre-wedding in the gazebo outside the chapel.
(L-R: me, Catie, Casey "the bride," Mary Lisa, Erika, Leah)

Again these are the bridesmaids with the bride after the rehearsal dinner.