Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vicenza, Italy

I thought I would post some new pictures of where we live.  I took these with my new I am still learning.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Sister & Her Hysterical Friends!!!

I have to start this post with saying my sister, Kaitlin Ferguson Godfrey, is NOT pregnant.  Okay now I can begin!

If you know me or my sister you know we love to be sarcastic, goofy, love a good practical joke, and most of all love to be with our girlfriends.  Katy has one "special" group of girls whom I think are hysterical!  Her group consists of Katy (my sister), Katie M., Mary Mac, Amye, "cuz" (Lauren Ferguson), Ellen, Swayze, Laura Anne, and Lauren G.  They are incredibly funny, and I mean there are no words to explain.  To say my sister is blessed with some awesome friends from college is quite the understatement!  Anyway...

Apparently her pledge class decided it would be an "awesome" idea to do a newsletter: "The Chi Omega Pledge Class Update Letter February 2011."  I guess they thought this letter would be the perfect way to keep up with their pledge class's where-a-bouts, etc.  Well after the first 5 pages of addresses, jobs, phone numbers, and email updates; the lovely Ellen Clarke thought she would add a special 2 page "dedication" to her best friends.  Below is a little taste of how my sister was summed up!  This very "accurate" write-up should let you know how hilarious all of the information about their group of friends was:

"Kaitlin is married. We dont know what that is like but we hear it's great! They are practicing their parenting skills with their new pup Kingsley. annnnnnddddddd SURPRISE.....she is PREGGERS!!!! We have all been helping her practice putting the carseat in the 2 door honda. Tentative date for the baby shower is the weekend of the Chi O reunion so plan to stay late. (and we have a DD for the weekend...yes!!) Invitations to follow."

HAHAHAHA!!! I don't know about you, but it made my night!

If I left you out of a pic I am so sorry, but these are what I had!  I love you guys!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Request for a Prayer....

Some of you might not know but in April Joey and I will be moving to the town of Dahlonega.  It is in Georgia about an hour north of Atlanta.  We are super excited to be getting back down south, especially so close to our friends and family.  (Of course, though, we are going to miss Italy and our friends here.)  The reason I ask for a little assistance in the form of prayer is we are trying to buy a house.  

I know buying a house is not the usual prayer request you hear, but it is something on our hearts.  I had no idea it would be such an undertaking or that we would be purchasing our first home while living across an ocean.  I have two amazing parents who have been an incredible help to us by going to look at houses, inspecting them, taking pictures, asking pertinent questions, and giving us honest advice.   After almost a month and a half of research and working with a realtor we have finally decided on a listing and put down an offer.  Now we will wait...

I guess my prayer is for me to gain patience, to let go of control, and to gain comfort in any outcome that happens.   Joey is so much better at these things, and I know I am probably driving him insane with my anxiety.  So I guess I just would love it if our friends and families could have us in their thoughts.  

Thank you so much.
I will keep you posted!!

The Snowdens go to a Ball :)

This past Saturday night was the ball for 2nd Battalion (Airborne) 503D Infantry aka "The Rock".  It was held at Hotel Villa Pigalle and was a BLAST!  It was so nice to celebrate the battalion's return from Afghanistan properly.  Everyone looked beautiful and just had a great time eating, talking, sipping on cocktails, and dancing the night away.  

I will start with some pictures that are "pre-dancing" because we all know that Joey and I get crazy on the dance floor.  Those pictures will be last since they involve sweat and dirty bare feet. ha!

Getting ready at my dear friend Gretchen's house.

Medal-of-Honor recipient, Sal Giunta, and Joey.

Now for the pictures that are to sum up the non-formal half of the evening: THE DANCING!  Obviously when I take of my shoes it means it is party time (see below).  And if you were not sure, yes I was the first person to run out onto the dance floor.  Some things will never change....
This would obviously be when Joey said "Let's do the lift."
There is no need to post THAT picture, I promise.
However, the picture below is me laughing hysterically after we do this "said" lift.

Needless to say a good time was had by all!