Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving in Italy with my HUSBAND :)

So today it is Wednesday the 25th and Joey and I are leaving for Cinque Terre this afternoon to spend 3 nights and 4 days together before I go home on Sunday.  Cinque Terre is an area on the coast of Italy that is made up of a few small towns connected by walking trails.  We are taking the train, and I am so excited!!  I will take lots of pictures!!

This Thanksgiving holiday is our first as a married couple and will be our only until next Christmas, so we are trying to make memories.  We decided not to try and make our first disaster of a holiday meal this time and just opt for beautiful views, hiking, window shopping, and good Italian food. 

I am enjoying being together right now, and trying to soak in every little detail before he puts me on the plane Sunday and then he goes to Afghanistan.  I know he will be ok and do incredible things while he is there, but I will miss him tremendously!  So after Sunday, I will be filling up my schedule with a ridiculous amount of work and activities to keep me busy so the time will pass.  But before that happens I am having the best time of my life with my husband in a romantic country!  I will put up pictures when I get home, and I hope everyone we love has a blessed and amazing Thanksgiving!!

Getting Married and Why I am doing this!!

Well I am a newlywed and got married on November 14, 2009 in Birmingham.  I married the most amazing man, Joey Snowden, and had my dream wedding.  We were surrounded by our best friends and wonderful family while saying our vows under the stars in a candlelit ceremony at the Historical Tutwiler Hotel.  Since the wedding I have joined Joey in Vicenza, Italy for 10 days before he deploys for a year long assignment in Afghanistan.  It is not ideal to spend the first year of marriage apart- one of us teaching in Alabama while the other is fighting a war in the middle east- but it is what it is and I have never been more proud of another person in my life.

I have decided to write a blog...I know, I know I said I NEVER WOULD... but it is for Joey.  He has told me that when guys are overseas they feel like they miss out on the events with their family.  Since Joey's brother is coming home soon, his sister is having a new baby in February, I start teaching in my first special education job and finish my masters in a few weeks, and so many more exciting things happen this year; I need to give him a way to experience these things.  That being said...if you are part of our family our friends and you have news or prayers or anything at all you want to keep Joey informed about let me know AND send me pictures!!  Also...if you want his address downrange just email and of course I will send it to you.