Monday, November 19, 2012

The End of Summer...

Well I know it has been about four million years since I posted, but life got really scary (i will get to this part later), busy, hectic, exciting, and everything else in between!  When we returned from Key West we literally hopped in the car and headed to the lake to spend the 4th of July with the whole Snowden crew and home with my family for a day of good quality time.  It was awesome to get to experience my amazing in-law's new lake house, meet our new nephew Parker (what a sweet baby boy), and acquire hours of dance-party-time with my nieces!  It was also so wonderful to see my sweet husband getting to soak in quality time with his brother & bro-in-law, Michael & Rush.  Here are a few pics of time at the lake & then hanging with my family on the porch.
The awesome view of the boathouse, dock, and slue at Mike & Vickie's lake house :)
Joey, Michael, & Rush: so happy to be hanging out all together.
EG displaying her disdain for me taking her picture while she is concentrating on breakfast!
Two of the sweetest sisters I have ever known and had the honor of loving. 
My precious O ready to get out on the boat!
I am coming to snatch that camera out of your hands Aunt Kris....
Just chillin' on my parents' porch with J & Hemi :)

Even with the crazy amount of driving we completed in this 9 day span, we concluded it was worth every single mile/minute/cent!

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