Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post 1 Part B: Birthday Weekend

On my birthday weekend we decided to invite our friends to join us on a celebratory tour of the Spring Wine Festival.  It was more of a way to have everyone we love come together to hang out than a birthday party.  The festival was a great incentive to open up our house to out-of-town friends to stay the weekend and throw an after party for all of our friends.  We had an awesome turn out!  I am incredibly blessed with the people I can call friends!  In attendance were my roommates from college Anny and Elise (ie best friends/partners in crime/sisters), good ol' Michael and his rockin' girlfriend Kristin, all of our friends from Dahlonega, and a super trooper who drove our tour van!  Here are our pics....
On our back porch before we set out on the day.
Elise + me + Annelise aka Roommates for Life 

Our escort!

On our way....
1st Stop: Montaluce Winery
Best buds from WAYYYY back: Big B & Joey 

Tiffany and me...I absolutely love this girl!
Doing our first tasting of the day.
Staci, Dani, Sarah, me just hanging out :)
Ashley, Elise, Annelise, Me
Kristin & Michael overlooking the vineyards @ Montaluce
Excited about our next destination :)

Kristin & Michael displaying our next stop on the tour: Wolf Mountain!
Joey & Kristin bonding on the porch of Wolf Mountain with me and Anny chillin' at the back table.
3rd Stop: Frogtown Cellars

The guys just being normal and we are being ridiculous!

Jason + Sarah = One of my favorite couples ever!

At Frogtown some of the group gathered for a picture to commemorate the occasion...I was no where to be found!

Below are the pictures from the 4th and final stop on the festival tour before everyone went back to Casa se Snowden: Blackstock Winery & Vineyards...such a beautiful view! 

Joey and Abdul just discussing something serious I am sure...and wearing almost the exact same outfit. ha!
Kristin & Kristin @ Blackstock Winery and Vineyards :)
Sarah looking off the porch @ Blackstock.  I totally stole this pic along with a few others from her facebook page!

All in all my birthday pretty much was incredible!  Good friends, good wine, good food, and good times had by all!

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