Monday, June 25, 2012

Block Leave=Vacation in the Key West

U.S. Route 1...yes we will be driving in on this interstate.

Well I tell you what...I am so excited about checking in at The Westin in Key West I can barely stand it!!  You are correct my friends, we are going on vacation!!!  Joey and I are headed on vacation tomorrow with one of our great "couple" friends, Ashley & Greg.  About 2 months ago Ashley and I were talking about destinations we were thinking of traveling to for block leave in June, and within about 30 minutes we were booked at The Westin Key West Resort & Marina.  And on top of having it booked and planned (with a crazy amount of excitement), Ashley worked wizard powers and found us the deal of our lives.  Needless to say I am quite appreciative! 

We will be in paradise for a week with good friends, food, sun, and activities!  In addition to all the awesome things we were excited to see and do with Ash & Greg, we learned our close friends Tiffany & Chad will be traveling to Key West as well overlapping with our stay for 2 days.  YAY!!  The vacation (which has not officially started yet) just keeps getting better!! So if you find yourself thinking you want to text, email, or call me...think again! :)

I will now leave you with a few pictures of things I found to do & see while we are there!  Have a great week!!
A cartoon map of "Old Town", Mallory Square, and the famous Duval Street where all the action happens!
The Westin Key West Resort & Marina Meetings.jpg borrowed from
(We will be staying here which is located on Front Street in the heart of Old Town)
The 2 pictures above are of the Dry Tortuga's National Park and Fort Jefferson.  We are hoping to spend a day there exploring, snorkeling, and doing water sports.

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  1. We went to Dry Tortugas a few years ago! It was so much fun! If you have a propensity for motion sickness, take some less-drowsy Dramamine. People were puking off the boat there and back!