Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post 1 Part A: Catching up on March :)

Welcome back the few readers who have not abandoned me!  I am the worst about keeping up with my blog especially when I get busy, and busy is the word for the last 3 months!  I am now finally done with the chaos and letting the "summer-lazy" sink in to my life.  So many different and awesome things came and went since my last post, so I will break up the summaries into months.  My last post was towards the beginning of March so I will start there... After I announced I was to be in the Sound of Music as Maria a rigorous couple months of practice proceeded until opening night in May.  However, before I get to that awesome event there were so many other things we did and celebrated!

March 17th is the glorious holiday we like to call SAINT PADDY'S DAY, and in the spirit of the Irish we like to celebrate with friends.  And celebrate we did!  Since moving to Dahlonega over a year ago we have made some great friends.  Among them are Jason and Sarah.  They are a laid back, adventurous, and super fun pair who love to entertain.  On St. Paddy's Day we joined these two and many others at their house for cooking out, baking, games, and socializing.  It was a blast!  Here are a few pics from our crazy day and night! The only person we were missing was Tiffany, but I excused her absence due to the fact she was at the craziest parade/showdown in the country for the holiday...Savannah, Ga.  We were jealous!
Joey, me, Chad aka Tiffany's hubby :)

The boys chattin' and fishing

Sarah and me :)  I love this lady!

Joey + Kristin

Me and Ash :)

After that fab weekend came my 28th birthday or as I would like to say, "my 8th time of celebrating 21!" Ha!  My wonderful husband planned an awesome birthday night dinner at The Corkscrew Cafe with gift and celebration weekend with friends new & old!  For my actual birthday Joey surprised me with a record player!  For all those who know me and my family, you know how obsessed we are with music.  Obsessed is probably not even an accurate depiction of how embedded music is in my DNA and all vintage things.  I grew up admiring my mama & daddy's albums and always wanted my own turntable to play them.  Joey paid attention...

Corkscrew Cafe

Next post will be the Birthday Weekend/Spring Georgia Wine Highway Festival! :)

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